It has been discovered overtime that so many youths and the learned do not hate Agriculture for what it is but for how it is made to look. Agriculture in Nigeria,despite allthe back-to-farm surface advocacy from governments and different organisations since stone ageis not liked even among those who went to expend five good years in the University, because of just one single word thing – STATUS.We have got to know this and we are working towards making Agriculture a liked and competitive vocation among our youths, the learned and professionals; hence the introduction of different experimental projects like Project plantations; Project livestock; Project Farm Roads & Estates, etc. The status is determinedly going to be changed and loved by all.

Well researched projects on various crops or plants which are not grown around like imported apple, different species of rice, lettuce (for salad), cucumber, water melon and the likes, would be carried out by the bred Agriculture professionals and consequently be ventured into in a mega and modern way under the Project plantations. This shall also be the trend of things for the livestock under the aegis of the Project livestock where young graduates from relevant fields like Animal Science, veterinary Medicine, etc. are engaged in real time domestic animals business to prove some point. Species of dogs are raised for commercial purposes; some wild animals are uncommonly kept for zoological purposes, etc. All the Agriculture oriented projects shall be made attractive to the graduate professionals in all manners and forms like inclusion of housing facilities under the Project Farm Roads & Estates, official cars, creation of technical offices in hierarchical order, etc. so that they will all feel good and proud to be part; hence making different works at the project sites competitive and superb.